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Principles of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Is the greatest technology for sovereignty and freedom the world has ever seen
  • Bitcoin Is the ultimate property of the human race (credit Michael Saylor)
  • Bitcoin encourages self-education and critical thinking
  • Bitcoin is misunderstood by those that benefit from the fiat system
  • Bitcoin is the best form of energy use the world has ever seen
  • Bitcoin is a bloodless revolution
  • Bitcoin will remove the power of governments to print money to fund their wars and broken policies
  • Bitcoin will be sought out by all
  • There will only be 21 million Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is digital real estate in cyberspace
  • Bitcoin in 2021 is similar to the Internet in the early 90s
  • Bitcoin is the ultimate insurance policy against just about everything
  • Bitcoin is the only way you can take your wealth with you wherever you go no matter what and no one can take it from you
  • Bitcoin gets stronger when it is attacked (antifragile)

The Bitcoin Revolution is Underway

It is no coincidence that the powerful are tightening their grasp as their power is weakening.

2020 and now 2021 has brought this out into the open.

And Bitcoin is at the center of this crumbling of institutions whose time has come.

It's our responsibility to civilly disobey and peacefully opt-out and Bitcoin is the best way to do that.

Colin Stuckert

Better HUman PodcasT, Free HUmans & Free Markets Advocate, Father, Human
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